5 Best Hi-Tech Gadgets for Cheating in Exams

5 Best Hi-Tech Gadgets for Cheating in Exams

If you are a bright student who likes to study all the time, you don’t need to read this article because it’s not for you. I’ve been planning for an article whole day and I was wondering “Why am I not studying for tomorrow exam?”. And the truth is a simple “I don’t like exams”. But, I really want to pass out this semester so while searching the solution of my problem on google, I’ve found these best Hi-Tech gadgets for cheating in exams.

I’ve not enough time to buy these gadgets because tomorrow is my exam and it’s not easy to buy in a day. But, you may try these if you think you’re going to fail anyway. (You’re gonna hate me for this advice and I know it )

5 Best Hi-Tech Gadgets for Cheating in Exams


1. Spy Glasses

Spy Glasses - Gadgets for Cheating in Exams

Risk: Low
Cost: $80-$300

Spy glasses are one of the best gadgets for cheating in Exams. These normal-looking glasses are equipped with a camera activated by a remote shutter coin. When the student does not know the answer for one of the questions, he or she just press the coin and it would send monochrome photos to someone on the outside who would then relay it back to them in an unknown manner.

2. Spy Pen

Spy pen - Gadgets for Cheating in Exams

Risk: Low
Cost: $20-$100

These high-tech spy pen can record the test answers. ISpy pen is a pen that can play audio files. The quality is not the best, and it’s not the most comfortable writing, but unlike other multi-purpose pens, this one actually looks like a very simple pen, which will help when getting it past your proctor. The only downside: there is no built-in speaker, but you can use a Spy Headset.

3. Spy Shirt

Spy Shirt - Gadgets for Cheating in Exams

Risk: Medium
Cost: $80-$200

Yes, even a shirt can be wired up for cheating in exams. On the inside of this shirt, there’s a miniature camera that’s wired up to a mobile phone, which then sends the signal out.

4. Wireless invisible Earpiece Method

Spy Earpiece - Gadgets for Cheating in Exams-compressed

Risk: Medium
Cost: $50-$200

Wireless invisible Earpiece Method is ergonomically designed  that offers best sound quality and allows a partner to discreetly exchange valuable information and ensuring performances run exactly.


5. The Key Chain Camera Method

Spy chain - Gadgets for Cheating in Exams

Risk: Medium
Cost: $50-$200

If spy glasses aren’t your style, you can still sneak in some snapshots with a miniature camera. There are plenty of Key Chain Camera on the market. As its name suggests, it can fit on your keychain and can record videos and take still photographs. And since it looks like the remote for a car alarm, we doubt it will set off alarms with any professors or proctors.

These Gadgets are available on eBay. 😛

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  1. t connects to any phone model? I have an iphone and I would like a pair of glasses, I think I’d be cool and I would not suspect anything from tests

  2. i need very high tech gadget . that is used for such exams where camera monitering and not allowed any device in exams ……..so i need best tech to cheat in such situation

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